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Gresham & Co

Member Name Abdul Barry
Company Name Gresham&Co
Position Asset Portfolio Manager

Gresham & Co is the collaboration of three ambitious, innovative and most importantly forward-thinking entrepreneurs who have come together with a positive view to change the perception of the asset portfolio management market through the eyes of the consumer. We are based in the heart of London’s East end next to the iconic Tower Bridge and along the famous cobbled streets of historic Wapping, beside the wonderful ebb and flow of the river Thames. 

Together we have over 30 years combined experience in a diverse range of industries, so that our knowledge of the property market, logistics and customer satisfaction is unbounded. We just keep getting better! 

We have a friendly family ethos and can help new landlords acquire property assets, deal with both the tenant and landlord side of property development and assist in conveyancing law and even give advice and help with architectural planning of new developments.

We bridge the gap between real estate investment and property management, where we believe there is a lack of focus on providing personal, private and professional services for landlords and leaseholders alike. These are people currently investing large amounts of money into the UK property market; hoping to gain a hassle-free return – and we believe that we can provide this to them with full satisfaction guaranteed.

We would be more than happy to help with your enquiry- if you are a landlord, a developer, a tenant or an investor- get in touch today!

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